Remains of Jewish ghetto victims reburied near Brest —, May 24, 2019

The remains of 1,214 victims from the former Jewish ghetto were found during the construction of an elite residential quarter at the end of January in Brest. On 22 May, they were finally reburied.

The remains of the victims from the Jewish ghetto were reburied today in 120 boxes in a common grave in the Northern Cemetery of Brest. Nearby is a memorial sign with the inscription: “Here lie 1,549 Jews killed by the Nazis in 1942 during the liquidation of the Brest ghetto.”

Monument to the victims of Nazism at the reburial site

– In Brest all our religious laws and customs were followed. When we started this work, we were very happy to hear that there would be no obstacles. There was absolute agreement when we said that it was necessary to make it a real Jewish burial, said Alon Shoham, the Israeli ambassador to Belarus, during his approach to the press.


Foreigners also came to the ceremony

—In our region, many countries [think. –], how to perpetuate the Holocaust correctly, and various conflicts arise. Here, to our happiness, they are not present, everyone here understands who the victims were and who the thieves. In this regard, Belarus can be an example for the countries of the region, the ambassador continued.

Far left: Israeli Ambassador to Belarus Alon Shoham

The Jewish ghetto was located on the territory bounded by Savetskaya, Dzyarzhynsky, Kuibyshau streets and Masherau Avenue. The Brest authorities decided to demolish and modernize this quarter in 2012, despite the historical past of this place.

The head of the Jewish community “Emuna” Boris Bruk speaks at a farewell ceremony

In January 2019, during the construction of an elite quarter, the builders discovered the bones of people, but the authorities hid this information for several days — probably so that it would not come out on World Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Rabbi Haim Rabinovic saying a prayer
Brest born, People’s Artist of Russia Alena Vorobey arrived to reburial of the victims of the Brest ghetto.

When information about the execution pit spread, the authorities were forced to stop the construction of an elite residential quarter. It has not been voiced what will be in this place, where people’s bones were found and whether the construction of houses will continue here.

ZAKA volunteer amid coffins